Rose Pixie Rattle

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Rose Pixie Rattle By Pebble

Pebble make 6 different Pixie Rattle all are named after trees, plants and flowers in the garden and their colours are inspired by their names. Pixies have no faces as they follow the Steiner theory is that if children's toys have minimal expressions then the child is able to project it's own emotions onto the toy and that this leads to more flexible and creative play. So if you're sleepy then you can pretend that your toy is sleepy too. We think it's a lovely concept and hope you will enjoy all the little pixies. All Pebble products are made in Bangladesh by the extremely talented and capable artisans at Hathay Bunano ps. We love their workmanship and we love rural Bangladesh. Pebble toys are our small contribution to supporting families in rural Bangladesh, to removing the need for economic migration to the cities and to providing women with flexible working opportunities which are close to their homes. All Pebble toys are 100% cotton with 100% polyester fill. About 13cm. They are all machine washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried on a low setting.


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