Tom Fletcher Announces


We loved the way that Tom Fletcher and his wife announced their baby news!


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Lovely Feedback



Hi Liz

Just received the Angel! She's beautiful, Soldier too. Thanks for your prompt turnaround of my order, great service, see you again in the future.



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Princess Charlotte


Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of Princess Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana.

Welcome to the World Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. xxx

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Pigeon Organics


At Little Button Bay  we adore the range of baby clothes from Pigeon Organics. The quality is just superb and the fun vibrant prints just adorable. Here is a little bit of information about the company which we have taken from their website. 

Organics for Kids Ltd was founded by Jane Shepherd in 2004, based on a lifelong passion for textiles and a deep interest in environmental solutions.  Several years and a lot of hard work later, the range has taken on a life of its own, combining the finest and softest organic cotton with unique but classic designs and a serious attention to detail at every stage of production.  

Pigeon - organic by design  After nine happy years as Organics for Kids, in 2013 we decided to freshen up with a rebrand and so Pigeon was born.  Our new name is intended to reflect our playful and contemporary style, while not forgetting our environmental credentials.  Of course we remain certified by the Soil Association (see full details below), we still use 100% organic cotton and we work with the same trusted suppliers. 

Organic cotton The stories about non-organic cotton are becoming better known – non-organic cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop, with some really horrible social and environmental consequences.  Organic cotton will not be the answer for everyone, but with the right support in place, the potential benefits for the environment, the farmers and their families can be considerable. Our cotton comes from Turkey, where there is a very serious knowledge of organic growing and carefully controlled processing. 

Local Partnerships Our business is based on strong local partnerships that make the most of the excellent skills that exist so close to home. From the pattern cutter in Leicestershire, to our neighbours the textile designers, photographers and printers in Oxford, these local relationships make our business what it is today. 

(No longer) Made in England! Until recently our entire baby range was made by a small, family-run factory in Nottingham. We had worked with them since we started and were very proud to be supporting the local textile sector and workers.  However, in June 2013 the factory very sadly closed its doors for the last time (tragic for everyone concerned, particularly the fantastic machinests) and despite our very best efforts, we were unable to find suitable alternative manufacturers in the UK.  This was devastating news for us - we had planned to work with them for ever! However, sometimes change can be positive and we have now started to work with three excellent alternatives.  Though not UK-based, they all manufacture GOTS compliant clothes, which ensures good social as well as environmental standards (see below for further details of GOTS).  Our company ethos remains the same, as does our commitment to the finest quality.

Our certification

We are very proud that our organic certification covers the entire supply chain, from field to finished product - see the full details below.  During the transition to our three new manufacturers, you might notice that some of our hang tags do not show our GOTS licence number.  This is only temporary as we put the necessary administrative systems in place. The garments are still made to the same GOTS social and environmental standards and all will have our GOTS labelling again shortly:  

The Soil Association is the UK certification body which certifies our clothes in accordance with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). 

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a globally agreed standard to which the main national certification bodies have signed up.  It not only covers environmental factors, but also social considerations by ensuring that all processors and manufacturers meet the minimum social criteria of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), covering employment practices, working conditions, pay, collective bargaining, and the banning of child labour.  For more information about GOTs, go to

Control Union (formerly SKAL) is the internationally recognised (Dutch) certification body, which handles the organic controls in Turkey where the fabric is produced, also in accordance with GOTS.  This ensures that the cotton is grown organically, and that the processing (spinning, weaving, washing, dyeing, etc) is undertaken in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

The dyes used on our fabrics are not organic themselves, but the GOTS compliance ensures that they do not contain harmful substances. They are also covered by the above organic inspection processes.

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We now take Amex!


We are pleased to let you know that we can now accept American Express Cards on our website! We have had lots of requests, especially from our Overseas customers, to add Amex to our Sage Pay system along with our other payment methods, including paypal which is very rapidly growing in popularity.

If we can improve your shopping experience in any other way, please let us know, we love feedback!



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