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The Story

The idea for Little Button Bay was born in 2010 when my daughter was born. As any parent will tell you having a child completely changes your life and priorities! After a very successful career as a Senior Manager, I knew that the demands of the role would not fit with a sleep deprived Single Mum who just wanted to spend all her time with her gorgeous daughter.

So I made the brave decision to resign from my job and set up my own ‘lifestyle business’ hoping I could slowly build it as my daughter grew!  

Living in Devon I knew from experience that finding a Lovely Unique Baby Gift was a near impossible thing to do, with very little choice outside the usual chain stores! My vision was to bring together a Collection of High Quality Adorable Baby Gifts that when opened would create a Wonderful Surprise, a Beautiful Gift for a Beautiful Baby! 

I spent my first year on market research, finding out what customers wanted, trawling the internet for ideas, joining forums for advice, talking to quality suppliers, going out and about asking top end retailers for advice; I couldn’t believe how helpful and understanding everyone was, especially as I always had my daughter with me and was often distracted!  

My second year was spent actually building the business, mainly after 8pm at night learning how to take photos, finding a designer, finding a web designer, attending courses and sourcing beautiful baby gift collections and learning how they would be best presented! 

With the help of a great many people my website was launched in March 2012! A big thank you to the following people for the help they gave me. To The South West Investment Group for having faith and agreeing to loan me the money for the business. To Susan Hughes from Opportunities Plus South West and Nicki Dodd From Outset Torbay for directing and motivating me! Thank you to Chris Kewell for giving me some much needed frank advice at the beginning! To luketom.com for their patience as I learnt about websites, and for their continued support as I continue to learn! But most of all thank you to my friends who I am constantly asking for advice and feedback from, you have been a Fantastic Support.   And to Ava, my daughter, who has to at times compete with my laptop for attention...

Little Button Bay has really taken off over the last few months and I hope you like what you see; I’m sourcing new suppliers and creating new gift collections all the time. If you have any suggestion on what you would like on the site, please e-mail me at info@littlebuttonbay.co.uk I’m always looking for new ideas. 

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